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Work at ADSI is challenging, fast-paced and rewarding.

Work at ADSI is challenging, fast-paced and rewarding. With our main base of operations in Abu Dhabi and partners and suppliers located around the world, ADSI helps bring their varied knowledge and expertise together for the benefit of its clients.

To do this effectively, we look for people with skills in many disciplines, from project management, to electronics and communications engineering, integrated logistics support, training, procurement, marketing, finance and human resources. The success of our company is due to the hard work of the talented and committed people who work for ADSI.

ADSI prides itself on being a professional business with the highest-quality staff. As such, 47% of ADSI employees have a Master’s or higher degree, and a further 33% have graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. Amongst themselves, our staff have more than 75 years of international business management experience, 146 man-years of project implementation and management experience, and 305 man-years of experience in systems integration, design and development.

We are committed to the diversity in the workplace and welcome people from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds. At ADSI we believe that diversity in the workplace will inspire innovation. This is why we have 14 different nationalities working for us.

In support of the vision of ensuring the future of ADSI as U.A.E.-based centre of excellence, ADSI is implementing an ambitious program to empower U.A.E. Nationals. Over a quarter of ADSI’s Engineering team is comprised of U.A.E. Nationals, and half of the senior management team is Emirati.

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