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In support of the vision of ensuring the future of ADSI as U.A.E.-based centre of excellence, ADSI is looking for U.A.E. National talent.


In support of the vision of ensuring the future of ADSI as U.A.E.-based centre of excellence, ADSI will under the guidance of its Board proceed with its ambitious program of Emiratization.

Emphasis on training and education is a key to the success of effective Emiratization. As a means of achieving this, ADSI has launched its Young Emirati Staffing (YES) Program that is focused at attracting Emirati graduates with appropriate engineering educational backgrounds. ADSI offers a formal training course that will help the graduates become fully-fledged professional engineers, as well as strengthen the internal capacity of ADSI and contribute to the Emiratization objectives set by the UAE Government.

The purpose of the YES Program is to help ensure the development of young Emiratis from an engineering graduate to a fully qualified professional engineer who is technically and professionally capable of assuming responsibility for the practice of professional engineering in the field relevant to his/her education as well as the requirements of ADSI. The YES Program provides the link between receiving an engineering degree/qualification (in the UAE or abroad) and the professional path chosen by the Emirati graduate provided that it is deemed relevant to the company’s activities.

To ensure the success of the YES Program, ADSI has established open communications with universities and other institutions for higher education to ensure adequacy of educational outcomes of graduates joining the company, as well as providing further education support for employees who have been awarded scholarships for seeking appropriate qualifications. ADSI will also work with world and regional leaders in thematic engineering areas, such as its parent companies SELEX ES and ADSB, in order to ensure extensive exposure to international best practice.

If you are a young Emirati graduate with Bachelor’s degree in and Engineering discipline from a reputable university and you would like to take part in the YES Program, please e-mail your CV and a letter of interest to

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